Listening Comes First



Evolution Hearing was an easy and painless experience. They were extremely professional and the office is very appealing. The employees are kind and courteous. A very good experience. Excellent for military, government and contractor pre-deployment. Only wish they told me I had some form of hearing loss – now I don’t have any excuses when I forget about thing my wife has asked me to do – oh well. Overall, a great day experience!

Jake Copenhaver

This was the easiest appointment I have ever had! From scheduling to the hearing check, everything was easy – no pressure to buy anything. Referred me to a specialist. So we will see where that leads. Very Professional, relaxed atmosphere. Loved Kathleen Culbertson.

Cheri Payne

I had a hearing exam by Dr. Koch about a year ago and waited for a while before procuring my hearing aids. I’ve had them now over a month and recently was away and a window was open early in the morning. I could hear the sound of birds tweeting. It was the most intoxicating sound! In the past few years, I know I’ve heard them but usually only loud bird sounds. I hadn’t realized I’d not heard the morning songs. It was an aha moment for me to realize that I’d heard those quieter sweet morning sounds. I’ve also been told by friends that I am not overly loud in my normal speech anymore. LOVE my hearing aids!

Roselita Berta

My wife and I were very impressed with Dr. Koch’s professionalism. She listened to both of us about my hearing problems. I have had my new hearing aids for three days and can already tell the difference. I can’t believe how much better I can hear. My wife also appreciates it, since the volume of the TV is now much lower than it used to be. Thank you, Dr. Koch!

John Fairis

Charlottesville area: I had a thorough hearing exam by Dr. Koch. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable! Her office is easy to find and centrally located. Hearing tests are free…please call her office for an appointment

Anne Atkinson Fields

Although I have not had a need for a hearing aid yet, I can say that working with Dr. Koch in other aspects is a pleasure. She handles her business with integrity and genuinely cares about the needs of her patients not just for the “hear” and now, but the long term as well. She is a true professional to work with.

Dave Aikman

Professional and friendly.

Marjanka Brown