Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing loss can affect us in multiple ways throughout our lives. Thankfully our experts at Evolution Hearing have access to the latest technology offering a rainbow of devices for improved experiences with your family and friends no matter where you are.
Evolution Hearing offers these assistive listening options:


Amplifiers are devices that boost all sounds, typically used in lieu of personally programmed hearing aids. Amplifiers or a “one size fits all” solution, and are designed for people at every hearing range. They may include low and high modes of amplification, volume controls, noise reduction functions, or different settings for varied listening environments. Some models may even include a telecoil. This lets the user connect to a loop system.

Television Listening Devices

Television listening devices are types of “black boxes” which stream the sound from the Television or computer screen directly into your ears. These are a good solution when people of different hearing abilities are watching TV together in the same room. Simply turning the volume up may make the sound an uncomfortable level for people not experiencing hearing issues. These devices may be used with headphones or hearing aids. They are able to send the signal to your hearing aid directly. The user is able to control the volume and make it a level comfortable for them.

FM Systems

These are integrated systems used in theaters, public places, and churches that stream the sound from the screen, podium or altar, directly into your ears. FM systems use radio waves to transmit audio to the listener. The device can be made to pick up one voice or set in a way to pick up many voices at once. The speaker wears a small microphone which is connected to a transmitter. The transmitter sends a wireless signal, which is picked up by a receiver. These systems are good for people that are experiencing hearing loss and have trouble hearing because of background noise. The listener is able to hear someone speaking from a distance without hearing background noises. FM systems are able to send signals through walls and can be used from as far as 30 meters. If you are finding that your hearing aid picks up a lot of background noise, you may want to think about getting an FM system.

Vibrating, Wireless Alarms

These vibrating alarms can replace or augment the standard alarm clock to vibrate your pillow/bed or watch to help you wake up on time. They can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. They usually are equipped with multiple settings for alarm duration, snooze time and vibration pattern.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming Devices

These devices allow your smartphone, tablet, computer, ipod or any electronic device to be streamed directly into your ears. Bluetooth is a wireless networking standard that lets you connect devices that then communicate by short range radio frequencies and a set of protocols that are shared between the devices. The advantages of Bluetooth are that it works with almost any device, you are able to stream anywhere, it does not use your Wi-Fi and it’s cost effective. There really is no limit to this category!

Captioning Telephones (Most Provided At No Charge)

This is a normal telephone that also translates the telephone call into a rolling text translation. Telephone calls can be difficult for those suffering with hearing loss because they cannot rely on contextual clues or lipreading during the conversation. Captioned telephones are designed with a built-in screen that displays the conversation in text captions. A captioned telephone service (CTS) is automatically connected to when a call is made. The CTS transcribes what is said into captions which then appear on the device’s display.

Room Looping Systems

Similar to FM systems, these are in most public places, and allow direct connection from the movie screen, podium, stage or altar into your ears.

For more information about how assistive listening devices can improve your life, please contact us to schedule an appointment or discuss over the phone.

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