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Pioneers in audiology

ReSound has always been a pioneer in defining new, industry leading audiological innovations in our pursuit to develop solutions that mimic the natural hearing experience. Our commitment to and expertise in engineering, audiology, and continuous scientific research has defined these industry milestones. We believe that driving innovation can change what is truly possible for people with hearing loss, and we are continually pushing the limits of what we can achieve.

A snapshot of our achievements

  • The world’s first full-featured* hearing aid with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) – ReSound ONETM offers a more complete, natural sound experience.
  • The world’s most advanced rechargeable solution with up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  • The first hearing aid with cloud-based, remote fine-tuning capabilities.
  • The world’s first MFi hearing aids to work with an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • The first to leverage 2.4 GHz for wireless connectivity (expanded to our 6th generation product family in 2018).
  • Award-winning apps that provide optimal user experiences and personalisation.

*Microphone in the ear and two standard directional microphones, directionality features, wireless audio streaming.


ReSound ONE Behind the technology

Years of research and development resulted in the breakthrough technology in ReSound ONE. Watch the video and hear more about it from our Chief Technology Officer.

Behind the brilliant sound experience

ReSound’s Chief Audiology Officer talks about the innovative technology and chip platform in ReSound LiNX Quattro.

ReSound and wireless technology

We have been paving the way in wireless technology for many years, in many ways. Hear how by watching this video.

Binaural Directionality III

Binaural Directionality III uses ear-to-ear connectivity to give patients the best balance of sounds in front, to the sides, and from the back, so they can easily monitor their surroundings for the most natural listening experiences.


Sound quality

  • M&RIE for the most natural sound experience
  • Greater depth and direction of sound
  • Better one-to-one conversations


  • Stream directly from iOS or Android devices*
  • Broadest frequency bandwidth for streaming
  • Complete ecosystem of wireless connectivity
  • *From Android version 10 with Bluetooth version 5.0


  • 25 hours of battery life with unlimited audio streaming
  • Check the battery status via the ReSound Smart 3DTM app
  • Quick 30-minute charge delivers 8 hours of battery power

Custom solutions

  • iOS and Android direct streaming
  • Personalization with the ReSound Smart 3D app
  • The industry’s only Mic-in-Helix (MIH) design

iSolate™ nanotech reliability and durability

Known for its protective qualities against rain, dust, and earwax, every single component of ReSound hearing aids is covered with this renowned polymer coating.


Wireless connectivity

Expand patients’ worlds through sound

Wireless connectivity is shifting the boundaries of how people with hearing loss can access and enjoy sound, information, and entertainment. The ReSound 2.4 GHz wireless technology works seamlessly and intuitively, such as the direct streaming from iOS and Android* devices with no need for intermediate devices.

*Full streaming compatibility with Android devices requires minimum Android v10 and Bluetooth 5.0 and that functionality has been enabled by the phone manufacturer and service carrier. Although ReSound strives to achieve seamless device compatibilities, ReSound cannot guarantee full compatibility with all Android devices.



Advanced and intuitive, ReSound apps provide each patient with a personalized hearing experience, enabling them to easily and discreetly control hearing aid settings right from their phone.


Wireless accessories

ReSound provides an entire ecosystem of wireless connectivity for streaming sound and on-the-spot personalization and control. Our wireless accessories can adjust sound in any environment to deliver the clearest and most effortless hearing experience possible.

ReSound Assist

More connections for better care

With ReSound Assist, our comprehensive tele-audiology solution, you can offer your patients a full suite of hearing care options that include: in-office appointments, live video appointments and remote fine-tunings.

Face-to-face, real-time hearing care

Sometimes it can be difficult for a patient to get to the clinic. Now there is a flexible way for you to remain accessible and visible, and make sure your patients get the care they need. Live Assistance allows you to connect with your patient via a video call to remotely fine-tune their hearing aids directly from your ReSound Smart Fit software.

Send fine-tuning adjustments anytime

Offer your patients an even greater level of service by sending fine-tuning adjustments directly to their ReSound Smart 3D app to download.


Where the doctor and device are one

Good hearing devices become great, when you see an Audiologist who is trained well and follows best practices!

Hearing Aids


Are you ready to take your hearing to the next level? Our practice offers devices from the leading hearing technology manufacturers, which helps us find the perfect fit for your specific needs!


Our practice offers extensive hearing care services, ranging from complete hearing
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Our audiologists are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to treating hearing loss. From comprehensive testing to hearing aid fitting and adjustments, trust our practice to treat your hearing care needs.


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    New Patient Diagnostic Suite - Schedule Now!

    Our New Patient Diagnostic Suite is a comprehensive appointment that allows you to receive complete and extensive information about the status of your hearing. It includes, but is not limited to: Audiometric hearing test(audiogram), Tympanometry, Cognitive screening, Dexterity screening, HHIA questionnaire, Speech testing. Don't be fooled by "free hearing test" ads- they don't give enough information to help you with a complete solution.