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LSM Hearing Aid Sales & Services_03 Here at Evolution Hearing our main goal is to help you get a hearing device that works as precisely to your particular hearing needs as possible. We do this through using all of the current testing methods available. One of these methods is live speech mapping.

Past evaluation of one’s hearing and hearing aid fittings consisted of a series of noises and beeps. New methods and technologies, such as live speech mapping make the process of evaluating a patient’s hearing and creating a plan of treatment much more effective. It can be done with both patients who currently wear a hearing aid and new hearing aid patients.

Live speech mapping is an advanced technology that allows the specialist to use speech as the stimulus for adjusting the settings and fitting the hearing aid to the wearer. By making the fitting appointments much more interactive, live speech mapping significantly reduces the amount of future office visits and produces a more successful outcome.

What Is Live Speech Mapping?

Live speech mapping is a method of verification that makes sure a patient’s hearing aid is programmed to their individual needs. Small microphones are gently placed within the user’s ear canal to measure the response of the hearing device. It takes into account the user’s individual characteristics of their ear and their particular loss. When making your live speech mapping appointment, they will ask you to bring a friend or family member to help gauge how well you are able to hear voices. The process is an exciting one, and if possible, you will want your loved ones involved in it with you.

High-tech equipment will allow your hearing specialist to “see” on a screen what it is you are hearing with your hearing aid. Sometimes the results are displayed on a high tech screen mounted on the wall so that you are also able to participate in the adjustment process. This provides both you and your support person a clear visualization and better understanding of the differences hearing aids can have on your hearing ability. Your Evolution Hearing specialist will then program your current hearing aid or fit you with a new one.

Live speech mapping is a fairly new technology that has greatly improved hearing testing procedures. There are a number of reasons this technology is a vast improvement, including:

  • The protocol is much easier
  • The time it takes to administer, interpret and store the data is much less
  • It is able to measure and display any kind of auditory stimulus (recorded sound, live voices, music etc…)
  • It is able to measure any kind of hearing instrument, and you do not have to turn off any of the instrument’s features
  • Calibration is fast and easy
  • It provides interaction between the results being displayed and the patient
  • The patient is able to see immediately the effects this will have on their hearing when their hearing aid is programmed

Live Speech Mapping Benefits

Live speech mapping is thought to be very accurate. Without using this technology, other methods of programming your hearing aids might require other adjustments. Using live speech mapping will increase the chance that your hearing device programming is done correctly the first time.

Because you are able to see more immediate results and the impact your hearing aid has on your hearing, the whole fitting experience becomes a more positive one. The specialist will engage your family in the process, making it a family affair.

With hearing loss you sometimes do not completely understand what you are able to hear or what you are missing. With live speech mapping, you will be given the chance to hear improvements immediately and understand in real time what you can and cannot hear.

Benefits to live speech mapping:

  • Engages you and your support system in the process
  • Focuses on the simple function of being able to clearly hear human speech
  • Shown to raise the number of successful fitting outcomes
  • Provides tangible and immediate results
  • Provides programming of hearing aids that is more accurate
  • Reduces the number of visits
  • Raises your comfort and confidence in your ability to use your new hearing aid

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a hearing specialist at Evolution Hearing to learn how live speech mapping can give you a better hearing aid evaluation experience. Whether you are new to wearing a hearing aid or a current hearing aid wearer, this technology will help improve your hearing abilities. Knowing you are leaving our office with a hearing device that was programmed using the latest technology will help instill confidence in your hearing aid. You deserve the very best possible outcome to your hearing aid experience, and we strive to provide that.

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