Where Listening Comes First

We don't just say, listening comes first, we live it. Listening to our patients is what makes us different, and gets you, the patient, a better experience, and ultimately, better hearing.

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Where The Doctor And Device Are One

Good hearing devices become great, when you see an Audiologist
who is trained well and follows best practices!


We Are Passionate About Helping You Hear Better.

Pricing Explained

Our professional audiology services are here to help you make the best choice: “Do you want to pay full price for half the solution?”, because that’s what you’ll do if you just focus on the devices.
Of course the hearing aids are a big part of hearing better.

5-Minute Hearing Test

Our Audiology services can walk you through a quick hearing evaluation test that will help you understand your ears better.


Evolution Hearing has offices in Charlottesville Virginia and provides a wide range of hearing aid devices and audiology services.

Hearing Loss FAQ

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who evaluate, diagnose and treat hearing loss and other auditory conditions like tinnitus and balance disorders. Audiology also provides valuable insight and products to help you prevent hearing loss, like protective custom earplugs.



As an independent, private audiology practice we provide personalized care and will help you understand the solutions available to you based on your hearing needs, budget and lifestyle so you can make an informed buying decision.


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New Patient Diagnostic Suite - Schedule Now!

Our New Patient Diagnostic Suite is a comprehensive appointment that allows you to receive complete and extensive information about the status of your hearing. It includes, but is not limited to: Audiometric hearing test(audiogram), Tympanometry, Cognitive screening, Dexterity screening, HHIA questionnaire, Speech testing. Don't be fooled by "free hearing test" ads- they don't give enough information to help you with a complete solution.