Listening Comes First

Hearing Aid Pricing

One of the most common questions our patients ask is, “Do I really need two hearing aids…can’t I just get by with one?” In other words, “Can’t I just get by with half the price?”
There’s no way around it – hearing aids can seem expensive. Most people (over 95%) with hearing loss need two hearing aids, and the high price tag can be a barrier to getting the help and relief hearing aids provide, but it doesn’t have to be.

Before you focus on price or which solution is best for you, get your hearing tested! Our Hearing Aids range from $1616 – $7857 with dozens of options depending on your needs, and either price may not be the right device for your particular hearing.

While hearing aid prices can seem high, it’s important to know that you are paying for far more than just the devices themselves. Treating hearing loss is more than opening a box of an electronic device: it takes counseling, and continued care. At Evolution Hearing, our true value comes from understanding your real-world needs and determining what solution best works for you, by working with and through a qualified provider.

Evolution Hearing is full service hearing care:

Comprehensive, lifetime care – This covers everything that is needed for operation and function of your devices for as long as you own them. This also includes discounts on future technology upgrades, in addition to any consumables (batteries, filters etc.) required for the device operation. As hassle free as it gets!

At Evolution Hearing, we spend considerable time and effort to ensure that you will get more value from your Hearing Aids than what you will pay for them.

Call us today to discuss your options and schedule your diagnostic hearing evaluation.

Return Policy

At Evolution Hearing, our doctors ensure a correct fit for your hearing devices, and returns are rare. That being said, we allow returns within the first 90 days of your fitting. Furthermore, you will be refunded 100% of the expense of your device. We believe in a full refund and this has been our policy from the beginning – you should never be penalized for seeking help with your hearing.