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Hearing Aid Pricing

We've titled this page as Hearing aid Pricing, but what we should really name it is: "Do you want to pay full price for half the solution?",  because that's what you'll do if you just focus on the devices. 
Of course the hearing aids are a big part of hearing better. The other half, is the provider that tests, programs and delivers the devices.  Our pricing is fully unbundled. What that means is that we charge separately for the devices and for the services.  This is the most transparent, and affordable way of receiving the best care and the best value.   

TIER 1   (Premium)                         OTICON More 1:    $1893 

TIER 2   (Advanced)                        Widex 330:            $1374

TIER 3   (Essential)                          Phonak M50:        $1092

TIER 4    (Basic)                             Oticon Ruby 1:       $802

TIER 5    (Economy)                       Signia 1X:              $581

Before focusing much more on price or which solution is best for you, get your hearing evaluated! Our Hearing Aids range from $581 – $1893 with dozens of options depending on your needs.

While hearing aid prices can seem high, it’s important to know that you are paying for far more than just the devices themselves. Treating hearing loss is more than opening a box of an electronic device: it takes counseling, and continued care, and is a rehabilitative process. 
At Evolution Hearing, our true value comes from understanding your real-world needs and determining what solution best works for you, by working with and through a qualified provider.

Evolution Hearing is full service hearing care:

Comprehensive, data based care – Our providers follow evidence base, best practices.  This means that the procedures and processes that we use in the office are known to have the best patient outcome. Our patients hear as well as possible.  Anyone who tells you that the device is all you need, is simply trying to sell you something. More often than not, hearing care services are ignored or not included with the devices. Be leery of anyone who does not follow best practices and participate with professional organizations like AAA (American Academy of Audiologists), ASHA (American Speech Language Hearing Association), ADA (Academy of Doctors of Audiology).

At Evolution Hearing, we spend considerable time and effort to ensure that you will get more value from your Hearing Aids than what you will pay for them.

Contact us today to discuss your options and schedule your new patient diagnostic suite!

Return Policy

At Evolution Hearing, our doctors ensure a correct fit for your hearing devices, and returns are rare. That being said, we allow returns within the first 90 days of your fitting. Furthermore, you will be refunded 100% of the expense of your device.  We believe in a full refund and this has been our policy from the beginning – you should never be penalized for seeking help with your hearing.